White Paper


Survey findings tie the IT skills gap to revenue loss.

CIOs face a series of challenging hurdles in the year ahead, with skills shortages and talent scarcity among the toughest to overcome.

Having recognized this, 98% of respondents say training and skills development are top priorities.

Many enterprises have begun reskilling and upskilling their workforce — but still struggle to develop meaningful training programs to close the skills gap hurting their organizations.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The growing severity of the IT skills gap – IDC predicts that by 2022 companies stand to lose $775 billion worldwide due to the IT skills gap.
  • K ey areas training programs should focus on – Today’s training programs are heavily weighted in a few areas but fall short in others that have greater demands.
  • How to help employees build in-demand skills – 56% of respondents say their training programs don’t provide enough opportunities for employees to practice skills.

Download the white paper now to see more data from the IDG-Skillsoft survey.

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